Your unlocking code will always start with  #PW+

This will be followed by a 10 or 15 digit numeric code.

And finally it will end with +X#  (X being number 1,2 or 5).


So it will look something like this #PW+123456789012345+5#


Once you have received your unlocking code, please follow the steps below: -


1)                  Power on your handset without a Sim card inserted*.

2)                  Enter the unlocking code.

a.      To get +, you need to press the * key quickly twice

b.      To get P, you need to press the * key quickly 3 times

c.       To get W, you need to press the * key quickly 4 times


In between each of these characters, you should pause a little or you will overwrite the previous character.


After you have done this you will see a message saying “Sim Restriction Off” , Your phone is now unlocked to accept a sim from any other network.


*If you do not see this message or something similar, follow the instructions as above but leave the Sim card inserted in the phone. We know this is true for 6101 models.


Finally, you only have 5 attempts at entering your code, after which the phone will NOT be unlock-able via code, so should you have any problems, please feel free to call our support line on the number to the bottom right of your screen.

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